“The 2022 calendar represents an important educational initiative of the GrAG, with the aim of reaching amateur astronomers and sympathizers from all over the planet”, President, Paolo Zampolini proudly introducing the Astrofili Group calendar.

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How did the idea of ​​a calendar come about?

The idea of ​​creating a calendar of the Astrofili Group was born in the context of the APoDGrAG competition, which rewards, every day, the most beautiful astronomical photo among those sent from all over the world; so why not give the right emphasis to those breathtaking images that have come down to us in the last year? Thus was born the idea of ​​gathering together in a calendar the photos that have received the greatest popularity on our social channels (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter). We have thus selected 12 splendid astronomical images that will accompany us in the months of 2022.

But what is the purpose of this initiative?

 The main purpose is to highlight the work of astrophotographers who, with their amateur equipment, have immortalized fascinating astronomical objects, such as nebulae, galaxies and planets and shared the shots with the group. But the intent is also to spread interest in astronomy, especially among the youngest, to give rise to that much needed curiosity, real engine of scientific progress.

Among the activities of the Association which is most directly connected with the pictures of the calendar?

 No doubt the amateur research activity undertaken with great commitment by the group. Aesthetic photography and scientific research share many elements, from tools to technical knowledge for their use up to image processing methods.

 The experience gained through astrophotography is very useful in the field of research on variables, exoplanets and transits; many GrAG members made this knowledge available to the group and the result was the discovery of a first variable star (GrAGVar001) in addition to the many other activities in the pipeline.

Finally, what would you like to say to those who buy the calendar?

 That it is as well a tool to promote what is one of the main objectives of the association:  protection of dark skies, a resource to be respected and preserved both for the nocturnal fauna and to allow everyone to keep admiring the stars and constellations.

 It takes very little to combine energy saving with the efficiency of light sources, in order to maximize lighting where it is needed, avoiding wasting energy to produce light sent towards the sky. On the other hand, these are provisions contained in regional laws that must be enforced but which must also be made known to citizens by making them aware of the problem of light pollution and highlighting the ease and simplicity of the solutions to it.

Why buy the calendar?

With the purchase of the calendar, in addition to enjoying the view of beautiful celestial images, by your contribution, you will help us to carry out our dissemination activities in the streets,  in schools, throughout the media and social networks as well as our amateur scientific research activities with our own observatory, the CosmoGrAG.