La foto selezionata oggi proviene dalle Cascate Hukou, ovvero dalle più grandi cascate sul Fiume Giallo in Cina.

L’autore, mio amico, Jeff Dai   descrive così la foto: “I had an amazing experience tonight. As you know, #Moonbows are rare and therefore best sought in those places most frequented by ordinary sun powered rainbows. So i decided to chase the moonbow at #Hukou waterfall, the world’s largest yellow #waterfall tonight (March 23th). Beyond my imagination, there are four colorful arc of light. The drops have drifted off from the waterfall and are illuminated by the nearly full #Moon and two artificial lights. The Upper two bows are from the artificial lights (white and red). The lower bow is from the #moonlight. you may also find the secondary rainbows #arch. It’s faint and broad. They have low contrast. In order to capture this shoot, my clothes are fully drenched by the waterfall mist.”

Si tratta di ben tre archi di arcobaleno, di cui due ben visibili ed uno molto evanescente. Quelli superiori derivano dalle luci artificiali, mentre quello inferiore dalla luce della Luna Piena.

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Rubrica di Marco Meniero per conto del #GrAG