Oggi proponiamo una ripresa incredibile dei Folletti Rossi con la Via Lattea alle loro spalle.

Ecco le parole dell’autore neozelandese Kartik Kota:

I won the astrophotography lottery of sorts 😁. I went out at 3 am while in Wanaka to try and photograph the milky way arch over Lake Wanaka. Checked on Photopills and it looked feasible. What I did not take into account was the amount of light pollution around at the waterfront. So I thought might as well try and get some Milky Way core imaging done while I am there. There were occasional flashes of light behind the mountain and I was not sure if that was lightning. I could see clouds rolling in from the right though so I quickly set up the tripod and camera and was minding my own business trying to frame a decent shot. The first image I took I saw these red streaks across the image right in front of the Milky Way core! I have never felt such an adrenaline rush because I immediately knew these were Lightning Sprites or Red Sprites. These are large scale electrical discharges that happen in the Mesosphere high above thunderstorm clouds, usually at an altitude of 50-90 km. They are usually triggered by lightning discharge between a cloud and ground. You can see a bit of white light just behind the mountain, possibly a flash of lightning. I have seen a few images of sprites before but never imagined that I would capture them. And that too in front of the Milky Way core!”

Per approfondire il tema degli SPRITE consigliamo di leggere l’articolo:


Rubrica curata da Marco Meniero e Marcella Botti per conto del #GrAG

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