Oggi proponiamo una ripresa di un Red Sprite che ci arriva da uno dei più attivi divulgatori ed astrofotografi moderni, ovvero da Babak Tafreshi (fotografo del National Geographic e fondatore di The World at night).

La foto è un fermo immagine di un video straordinario visionabile qui: Video

Ecco la descrizione dell’autore: “This timelapse video begins with a giant thundercloud on the horizon and from the timecode 00:40 red sprites begin to appear. Also known as sprite lightning, it is a large-scale cluster of electrical discharge that moves upward and release energy 50-90 km (31-56 mi) high in the atmosphere. They may become visible when there is clear sky above a far massive storm cloud on the horizon (100-400 km away). They are colorless to the eye, a patch of light flashing in the sky. A sensitive camera with a fast lens reveals the color and stunning details. Sprites are challenging to capture, since they last just a fraction of a second and are much fainter than a lightning. Reported for about 200 years, the science community finally accepted their existence in 1994 after the first clear images were taken. This timelapse video of what I experienced near midnight on 2019 May 2 in West Texas. An atmospheric puzzle, they are large-scale electrical discharges occurring in clusters above the troposphere, about 50 to 90 kilometers (31–56 miles) high. The video briefly freezes on the sprites moments so you can better see them, therefore they appear similar to the length of time visible in real time but the time between them is ~100 times faster in timelapse otherwise this video would be one hour long in real time. Music by composer Barbad Bayat. @babaktafreshi | https://babaktafreshi.com “

Per approfondire il tema degli SPRITE consigliamo di leggere l’articolo: https://www.meniero.it/blog-ultimo-articolo/post/170520/folletti-rossi-sprite

Rubrica curata da Marco Meniero  e Marcella Botti per conto del #GrAG

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